Daniel Larn

Daniel first had the vision for what we now call the WIL system back in 2014, and began developing the idea of a one off ‘Eden Project for cows’ that would essentially serve as concept piece and nothing more.

After further investigation and refinement of the idea, the potential for the system to become a commercially viable solution to global problems resulted in a major change of direction for the company.


Casey Woodward

Casey is a well known face across the UK agri-tech sector, having spent the last five years advising corporates and start-ups on how to commercialise new innovation. He is passionate about animal welfare, environmental sustainability and creating win-win scenarios across the value chain.


Mitchell Harle

Mitchell is an old school friend of Daniel, and when Daniel needs analysis systems developing or has software problems to solve, he is the first person to get a call.

Having years of experience working with innovative tech startups as a programmer, Mitchell is ideally placed to assist in navigating the complex nature of these ever expanding projects with complex developmental processes.


A single one of our systems is made of hundreds of components from existing industry partners, we have selected the best of the best to partner with. This means that while Willand is a small team of integrators, we are supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, and our customers can rely on the very best global support.