10/11/2020 – Willand officially launch at REAP 2020!

Following a wonderful trip to St. Louis, Missouri earlier in the year, organised by the wonderful folks at Agri-TechE and the Missouri World Trade Center, Willand Group took the plunge and became members of this incredible organisation. Here we are, 9 months later, being featured in their Start-Up Showcase event at REAP 2020.

Despite an incredibly challenging 12 to 15 months, suffering several major setbacks on projects earlier in that period and again more recently through COVID. We have managed to hang on, and are now starting to pick up the pace again.

This is a terrific opportunity to show the world what we can do, and we are really excited ‘launch’ here at the event. We used quotes there, as we’ve actually been fortunate enough to see several opportunities develop since we were first asked to present here today.

Across Africa, India and the Middle-East we are now discussing projects with several processing companies looking to revolutionise their supply chain. Greenhouses for cannabis cultivation, large scale beef and dairy systems and state-of-the-art environmental research units, we have been overwhelmed by the interest in our systems and are keen to develop these contracts in the coming months.

We all want to thank Belinda, and the rest of the team at Agri-TechE for the opportunity to introduce you all to our vision for the future today.